January 26th, 2011
The Year of Volunteering, Ten Best Trips

Hooray, it’s about time the planet got some airtime. Not only has 2011 been dubbed as ‘The Year of Volunteering’ by UK travel agents, the United Nations have proclaimed this year as ‘International Year of the Forest’.

As tree lovers, this is great news. 80% of our biodiversity lives in forests, but as we all know, they are rapidly being mowed down. Brazil, Indonesia, China, Central America (except good old Costa Rica who have put a halt to it).

Britain and mainland Europe have managed to see off our own forests, we can hardly criticise. But let’s hope that the combination of earth conscious travellers and governments will do their best. We’re all for paying Brazilian farms to stop logging, so please hop to it guys. And volunteer in those precious forests.

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More info on www.un.org