The Luggage Diaries

 Our PR campaign for Heathrow Express showcased their premium luggage space through the eyes of three travellers with their precious cargo. The three videos illustrate how their journeys from Paddington to London Heathrow are luggage anxiety free.

Campaign ran across traditional, online and social media.

Video One: The Surfer

The Surfers. Group of three friends from Cornwall can stow their valuable boards on the Heathrow Express – plenty of space and no crowding.

Video Two: The Cellist

Chris Humphrys, a British musician lives in Athens, Greece and plays for the Athens State Orchestra. A cello is the most sensitive instrument and priceless, so Chris travels with the cello in it’s own airline seat in business class. Video shows him interviewed on the heathrow express.

Video Three: The Horologist

Watch lover Justin Hast travels regularly on watch buying trips. He is fanatical about using Heathrow Express, for it’s spacious business cabins and reliable track record of 15 minute journey.