March 25th, 2009
PR: More bang for your credit crunch buck.

Yes, we knew it all along. The Independent’s media correspondent yesterday confirmed that PR is the fastest growing discipline. ‘It seems that media fragmentation, general erosion of trust in brands and the arrival of a bloody recession have helped put media engagement centre stage’ writes Claire Beale.

‘It’s clear why. Free publicity carries positive endorsement for your brand by a trusted, independent editorial voice – it’s invaluable’.

But the rise of PR is not just a result of economic pressures, It’s an obvious extension of the new necessity for great creative ideas to travel.

‘Fight it if you dare, but advertising and PR must get closer to build a new creative economy. The internet is forcing the issue. PR agencies know their future lies in embracing the web, in online reputation management, interpreting and advising on social media and in honing search PR.’

‘Creative agencies know that online display advertising is a busted flush and creating and shaping social media platforms is one of the real online creative opportunities. ‘ ‘If (Martin) Sorrell’s analysis of the great importance of free publicity is right, PR could win the digital game’.