January 29th, 2014
‘Content, mobile and social’ drive digital marketing in 2014

Content, mobile and social are the holy grail’  for digital marketers in 2014. Like you, we’re awash with advice about how to sell products online. Create a digital platform, maintain SEO rankings, manage social media, enhance user journeys, cross channel marketing and optimise content. Truly exhausting, so here’s a fast track guide to the key trends. If you’re a brand or a SME, or a small start up, the same rules apply. If you’re still confused – you’re not alone. Findings show that almost three quarters of industry professionals are struggling with outdated technology.

Trend No 1. Customer is king – and queen. Treat them like Princes, as losing them is just a click away. Remember, they’ll visit around 25 other sites before they make a purchase, especially flights and hotels.

Trend No 2. Content is king. Actually it was all written by David Ogilvy in the 1960s, nothing much has changed except we’re hauling small screens around and have shorter attention spans.

Trend No 3. Connect with ‘millenials’ by email. Sure, we’ve been doing that for a while but 2014 sees increasing need for email channels. Not sure what millenials are? The digital age generation, anyone over two years old who prefer tablets to an abacus.

Trend No 4. Are you ready for your mobile shopper? You’d better be or the billions will pass you by. Travel bookings via mobile for example take a 25% hike every quarter. Don’t get us started about spikes.

Trend No 5. Keep telling the story. If you’re an airline or bottle of organic oil, don’t stray from the plot. Today’s consumers want to know about provenance, heritage and brand values. So treat your core values like a mantra. You push, they pull.

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